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This design trend has reigned supreme for years now. Whether you love chic and rustic Traditional Farmhouse or cosy and simple Modern Farmhouse. Our Dolcevita cookers brings comfort and functionality to your kitchen.



Inspired by industrial buildings – the design theme highlights exposed pipes, metal, bricks, and concrete. Pick a metal or mix metals - Chrome, steel, bronze, and brass remain popular in 2024. Customise your Lofra cooker metal accents and colour to achieve the perfect industrial aesthetic. Our Dolcevita Range has three trims to choose from.

Mid-Century Modern

Minimalistic style, round edges, wood accents, and clean lines. Designed in the mid-20th century as the name suggest, our Maxima and Curva Cookers will give your kitchen the simple sophistication you crave.

Quiet Luxury

This new trend emphasizes timeless elegance and modern innovation, resulting in spaces that elevate everyday living. Lofra’s Dolcevita and Venezia range discreetly delivers integrated smart technology with classical design elements – giving a kitchen
effortless elegance.

Bold Hues

“Millennial Grey” and neutrals had its moment, but 2024 is diving into the vivacious world of bold colours. At the forefront are jewel tones – think amber, emerald, indigo blues, and deep ruby red. Add richness to your kitchen through our range of bold cookers : Rainbow, Dolcevita, Venezia


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